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    Seven Marines, One Sailor Charged in Murder of Iraqi Civilian

    June 21 (Bloomberg)
    -- The U.S. Marine Corps today charged seven Marines and one Navy corpsman with murdering an Iraqi civilian April 26 near the town of Hamdania west of Baghdad.

    The troops from the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division were also charged with kidnapping and conspiracy, Colonel Stewart Navarre, chief of staff, Marine Corps Installation West, told a press conference at Camp Pendleton, California, where the troops have been held.

    Navarre declined to give details of the incident, save to say, ``There is sufficient evidence to charge all of them with murder.''
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    Bet you couldn't post this fast enough, huh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeReaction
    Bet you couldn't post this fast enough, huh?

    blaze, I am going to have to say your lack of commentary does smack of throwing this into occupation supporters' faces.
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    I start off all discussions with an verbatim news article without comment.

    There were those that said if it turned out to be true, that the military would act quickly to punish those responsible. This appears to be the case.
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