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    is it Trey-Oh or Tree-Oh?
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    Tree-Oh, but I prefer Trey-Oh
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    This has been discussed ad nauseum. Do a search and you will get all the opinions you can handle.
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    It's pronounced "tree" o. The line over the "e" in the logo is called a macron, and it indicates a long "e" sound, as in "tree", not a short "e" sound as in "trey".

    If you don't believe me, Google "macron".
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    I prefer macaroons myself.
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
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    "what a maroon!"
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    "'s all folks."
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
    If it works for you, it is "P"erfect.
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    It's pronounced shar - day
    I find it sad/odd that people ask to be thanked. How genuine is it when you have to ask? It's like forcing your kid to call Grandma, to thank her for the new underwear she sent for their birthday.

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    Say - dee
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstrauss
    "'s all folks."
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    This was actually a question? It's pronounced trio because at the time it was "three things in one". Now, I don't remember exactly what Handspring's marketing dept said those three things were. Wait. Maybe I do. Email-phone-organizer? Yeah. I think that was it.
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    Phone, PDA and Internet device.

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