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    Taliban Surges as U.S. Shifts Some Tasks to NATO

    KABUL, Afghanistan, June 10 A large springtime offensive by Taliban fighters has turned into the strongest show of force by the insurgents since American forces chased the Taliban from power in late 2001, and Afghan and foreign officials and local villagers blame a lack of United States-led coalition forces on the ground for the resurgence.

    American forces are handing over operations in southern Afghanistan to a NATO force of mainly Canadian, British and Dutch troops, and militants have taken advantage of the transition to swarm into rural areas.

    Coalition and Afghan forces now clash daily with large groups of Taliban fighters across five provinces of southern Afghanistan. In their boldest push, the Taliban fought battles in a district just less than 20 miles outside the southern city of Kandahar in late May, forcing hundreds of people to abandon their villages for refuge in the city and in other towns as coalition forces resorted to aerial bombardment. .......
    It's strange how history repeats itself in Afghanistan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    Taliban Surges as U.S. Shifts Some Tasks to NATO...
    It's strange how history repeats itself in Afghanistan.
    troops for security, resources, aid, and support were shifted from Afganistan to Iraq -- Afghanistan never received sufficient focus to solidify a genuine initial defeat of the Taliban and extremism.

    The people of hyperconservative Afghanistan had genuinely become alienated from the inhumanity of the Taliban -- and sought some relief from the oppression and their poverty.

    Iraq neccesitated subcontracting security to hired militias and NATO forces (who are otherwise attacked because they rightfully opposed Iraq).

    Karzai -- a decent well intentioned man -- has been within an impossible vice of pressure -- pressure to improve the lives of his people with minimal aid, pressure from the U.S. govt to end poppy cultivation, to adopt western mores of morallity and religion, and pressure from the average Afghan to implement Sharia (?) law and the strictest kinds of islam.

    He has increasingly been seen as a tool of western outsiders -- especially after he granted an amnesty to that moslem convert under a death sentence several months ago.
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    Afghanistan? Never heard of it?

    Osama? Never heard of him.

    Let our troops finish the response to 9/11 in Iraq before you liberals begin new battles.

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