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    Actually I think blaze has it right. The mid term elections are quite important. If the democrats win the house, then they will be in a much better position to frame the political debate, rather than be silenced through committee, like they are now.
    If you don't belive it. Take a look at how the debate is being framed now.

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    I know that Hillary has tremendous baggage and is probably unelectable, and 40 % of the naton hates her.

    But I'm not sure why. Was a plan to provide universal health care worse fiasco than privatizing social security? The rest of your "baking cookies" etc are examples of people not ready for a strong female national leader.

    I wonder how often Indira Gandhi or Golda Meir or Thatcher baked cookies.

    The other ".. gates" were investigated and nothing came out of those. Look at her policies now and tell me what would go so wrong if she became President?
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    I know early in the thread folks talked about low numbers being bad.
    I think the points they made were valid. However I feel like the numbers have to stay low to motivate people for change. I'm not slamming the current administration, but the numbers have continuously shown that the people are not happy with either decisions, or results. The number aren't just low for the president, congress is hurting as well. It baffles me as to how so many people will put so little thought into their vote that they will accept the status quo? I don't credit the people with the change that occured under Clinton, I credit Newt and others for putting together a good plan of attack. They saw opportunity and made the most of it.
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