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    barye, it was reaganomics which set the scene for the economic prosperity enjoyed by america during clinton's presidency. if you listen to bj clinton talk though, he'd have you believe that was due to his administration, and that is absolute nonsense.

    incidentally, mr clinton did a fine job with waco by the way, didn't he? lol.
    my gosh vw2002 -- if you're going to hold Clinton responsible for what happened at Waco, how responsible do you hold junior for the catastrophe in iraq , and the growing disaster that's Afghanistan ????

    Waco was a horror -- even more horrible because I watched it conflagrate live on tv. I sat there aghast waiting for the fire engines that never came -- stopped by the BTF.

    Though Janet Reno was ostensibly in supervision of the BTF agents in Waco, she's made it clear that she felt that she still had limited effective control over what people far down the chain of command did in the field. She had only recently been appointed to her position, and the local BTF agents in command down there effectivly ran that show.

    After several of the BTF agents were shot ( in part because Koresh learned of the planned assualt), the BTF was absolutely out for bear on the Branch Davidians.

    Maybe you can (unfairly) blame Janet Reno -- new on the job and not on the scene, and not in control of the chaos that was operating that day -- but you cannot blame Clinton.

    Raygun was the first of the GOP scam artists to fool the country into believing that tax cuts for the wealthy and exploding deficits was an elixir for the economy. (Even junior's daddy made at least half hearted attempts to control and limit Raygun's massive deficits through some limited tax adjustments.)

    GOPers beginning with Raygun have shown that if you cut taxes on the rich while raising spending, and increasing the deficit, you can give the economy a temporary sugar high -- kind of like swallowing speed.

    Clinton understood that the economy's long term health was a product of paying down the debt. He slightly raised taxes on the wealthy which lessened that debt, and which then allowed interest rates to fall. This contributed to a burst of productivity which in turn generated a massive inflow of new taxes.

    Our budget was in surplus, paying off that debt -- until junior came along.

    Bill Clinton's prosperity had NOTHING to do with Raygun.
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