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    Here are some pictures from the recent Carnaval Parade in San Francisco this past Sunday:

    Check out the link to my pics at:

    For those of you who may be more interested in photography, here is some more information:

    I was shooting at the Carnaval parade this past Sunday. I've shot this event many times before, with the major exception that I had a media press pass this time. This meant I had free unrestricted access to shoot everything up close and personal! I was walking up and down the parade route shooting everything that moved, especially the good stuff!

    At the end of the day, I filled up approx 14 GB of memory cards, which came out to almost 5,000 frames. I also shot lots of video clips too, and I actually enjoy watching the videos at least as much as the still pics...maybe more! With video, you can watch the Carnaval dancers gyrating to the rythm of the beat! With stills, you gotta...well, you know what I mean! I bought a new 4GB SD memory card for about $300 just for the occasion to shoot video clips!!

    8 hours later, my legs were burning, back was aching, and my toes were swollen from all the camera gear in tow, and walking for blocks and blocks. But it was all worth it after seeing the images on the computer screen!

    My camera equipment was the following:

    1st Nikon D1x with Nikon 28-70 f2.8 lens (this lens was used most of the time since I was able to walk up to the action unhindered by the crowds)


    2nd Nikon D1x with Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VR lens (this lens used less so since I was so closeup to the action, but I had to have this bazooka lens around my neck at all times to look respectable to the crowds!)


    Nikon 20mm f2.8 prime lens (switched to the wide lens for the crowded stage shots, and group shots in tight, tight quarters...too d@mn tight actually!! But hey, I was squeezed in on the stage with the Carnaval dancers, so I can't complain!!)


    Many Lexar and Sandisk 2GB CF memory cards


    10 camera batteries for the D1x bodies, plus a Quantum Turbo battery too!


    Canon SD 450 pocket digital camera for shooting video clips with a 4GB SD memory card

    All images posted have zero retouching applied, except for simple downsizing in Photoshop, plus adding a watermark.

    All frames were shot with 2 different Nikon D1x bodies, either with the Nikon 70-200 lens, or Nikon 28-70 lens, or Nikon 20mm prime lens. Everything was in large jpeg mode, cloudy white balance, shutter priority (fast speeds) at least 1/1000+ sec for the long lens, and at least 1/250+ sec for the short zoom because I was shooting at the same time while walking backwards along the parade route, and trying not to bump into people. Camera was set to continuous autofocusing, and continuous shooting mode. Sharpening at normal, and tone at -1, I think. ISO speed somewhere between 250 to 320. There was no flash used, even though I brought one just in case.

    At this time, I only have a few pictures up, as I'm still processing the gazillions of frames. If you guys like the pics, let me know, and I can post more pictures.

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    Careful there. Chuck might get aroused then confused.

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    Oh da....

    You are just to damn funny....

    Like most blithering idiots. What, Casey won't photograph your gay play pen and post the pics for show and tell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chckhbrt
    Oh da....

    You are just to damn funny....

    Like most blithering idiots. What, Casey won't photograph your gay play pen and post the pics for show and tell?

    Now Chuck, just poking fun.

    But if you're looking for gay play pen photo you can always look to this pile of hypocrisy.

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    Hey da...

    I'm poking fun at you too....

    I'm not looking for gay play pen photo blogs...

    What I would like to see is how well your spiked, tie dyed hair holds up after an 8 hour romp in your rumper room......

    Oh Casey, Casey.....need you to get to Seattle ASAP to do an 8 hour photo essay on da's exploits..

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    I have no idea what you guys are talking about!


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