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    Ok. Just sold my Treo 650 on eBay. I had a starting bid price and a But It Now price. The person who won the auction used "Buy It Now" and paid promptly through PayPal.

    Only thing is that their address is uncomfirmed with PayPal and on the transaction details page on PayPal it says, "(The sender of this payment is Unverified)". The guy has zero feedback on eBay and joined May 19, 2006.

    On my auction I specifically stated that I will only accept payment via verified PayPal account.

    So what should I do? Give the guy some time to get his account verified? Give him a refund and relist my auction?
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    Address verification is a procedural issue with PayPal. There may
    actually be nothing wrong with the customer... (S)he may have
    registered just to bid on your listing, and may not have the time
    to complete the verification process.

    PayPal does allow reversal of payments without any liability within
    some time limit. You could do that, explaining - politely - the reasons
    why you are refusing payment.

    You could also insist on verification before shipment, but this is messy.
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    I think I'll give him a chance by giving him 7 days to get his PayPal account verified. Just doing this because he joined yesterday and probably opened his PayPal account yesterday as well, just to win my auction.
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    If your terms were clearly spelled out in the auction, PayPal verified only, then its in your best interest to stick with it. Remind the buyer of what the terms were and ask that they get verified. If they dont do so in a reasonable time, refund their PayPal payment (PayPal gives you 30 days without penalty).

    Sending to a verifed address is for you, the sellers protection. If you dont do it and something were to happen, PayPal wont support you. I had a buyer of something I sold attempt to claim their purchase was done without their authorization. Had it not been for the fact that I sent the item to their verfied address and had a postal tracking record for it, I would have been out the money AND the item I sold.
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