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    Editorial Comment from a 'sheltered' technocrat: For some reason I just don't spend much time in discussion/forum related sites. The exception being Microsoft and of course VisorCentral. What results is information that is funny, thoughtful, and without sounding too 'corny', respectful. Anyway, some car problems have necessitated me going out to other forums to get some info and possible solutions. Having traversed them, and other forum topic sites the last couple of weeks, I've come to realize how different sites like VC can be. Over there everything was "#$%## this", "$@#% that". Morons shout race, religion, political, ephithets. And what's up with everyone having a sexual problem? Now I know there are pletty of good forums in the automobile (and other) arenas, so I don't want to go down that road...just wanted to point out the much appreciated style, class, and self policing attitude over here. It's good to be home again. End of Sermon

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    RJT- I second that emotion... I hadn't realized it but you are absolutely right. The junk in many other forums, chats, discussions, is a main reason I haven't participated in chat rooms since trying it out in 1990.

    I lurk here everyday, several times a day. Everyone is great. What a neat community.
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    The quality of our membership makes my life as a moderator pretty easy. We have an occasional problem, but all in all, everyone here is very well behaved.

    Personally, I find that VisorCentral is one of the friendliest sites I've ever visited. Most questions are answered informatively, even if they've been asked dozens of times before. There's never a lack of help here.
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    I'm so glad that this was brought up - I have wanted to, but thought it might seem a little corny... I have been mostly lurking, occasionally posting, here for some months and I am constantly amazed at the range of wonderful information, help and support available! My only other long-term discussion group is the HP 200LX Forum on Compuserve and I have been spoiled by the warmth and wisdom there. It is really a pleasure to find another fine group, along with finding a new PDA - my Platinum Visor, which I love as well!

    A sincere thanks to all!

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