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    Since privacy rights is a hot topic here (and I am glad to see it is), thought this might be of interest:

    Basically, the legislation being prepared by Wisoncin's Rep. Sensenbrenner is proposing "that ISPs be required to record information about Americans' online activities so that police can more easily conduct criminal investigations."

    It's geared toward preventing child pornography and helping investigations for it, but it is very broadly written so that there is potentially a pretty wide interpretation of what would be kept or monitored and how it could be used.

    "Instead of describing exactly what information Internet providers would be required to retain about their users, the Internet Safety Act gives the attorney general broad discretion in drafting regulations. At minimum, the proposal says, user names, physical addresses, Internet Protocol addresses and subscribers' phone numbers must be retained.

    That generous wording could permit Gonzales to order Internet providers to retain records of e-mail correspondents, Web pages visited, and even the contents of communications."

    So, for everyone who's feeling OK about the gov't. getting your phone records, this is the next incremental step in your loss of privacy. Potentially.
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    It seems that a system of recording all this data on the off-chance that the feds may demand it sometime in the future would place enourmous demands on the ISP's.... to run leanly, they could just hold the data long enough to process the users request.... but this will keep the hard-drive makers in business if all this info has to be archived.

    How long do they have to keep it, one year, one decade, a century?

    If the HD fails.... can they say "Whoopse!- Sorry feds, that data has accidently been deleted"?
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    Hopefully this goes the same route as the 'tax internet users.'
    With over 60% of the population using the internet, I don't see how this could stand.
    But then again, as soon as you attach 'children' to anything, it goes further than you'd think.

    Folks will just move to new technology. Maybe some type of bit torrent that makes it impossible to tell where you've been because you got slices from different people all around the world.

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