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    I just went to my favorite online computer supply store and it appears that they don't offer free overnight shipping anymore! I'm very disappointed , that was why it was my favorite store, hehe. I just need an ink cartridge and some CD jewel cases, but now they're going to charge me $13 to ship it! Oh well, it was nice while it lasted, but I do think they should continue to offer free shipping to those of us who have already spent way too much money at their store .
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    I am bummed! Outpost has been my online shopping fix for the last year! They have never steered my wrong. Now it is only free if over 100. Bummer. It is cool though to order late at night and still get it the next morning!
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    I used to like Outpost a lot, but then I placed an order where I really needed the item the next day. Unfortunately it didn't show up until the day after that so it was useless to me. They refused to pay for return shipping so I couldn't get my money back without my paying for their mistake.

    I don't expect to ever shop there again.
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    For me, the only place I would buy things that were <$30 was becasue of free shipping. Now, there store is worthless. I guess being 14 and jsut growing up right into the dotcom age, I'm not used to things not being free

    yet again, sad sad miradu
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    This does indeed stink, especially since Outpost doesn't exactly have good prices. Almost everything on their website sells for msrp, when shipping was free this wasn't a big deal because of the conveniance - now I'd rather just order from someone else and wait a little to save money.

    I remeber when used to have free shipping weekends a lot. Oh, those were the days!
    Matt Nichols
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    Does anyone know of other free shipping sites (without a minimum purchase)? Searching for them on google just brings up a bunch of crap sites.
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    Now it is even worse:

    As of March 28, 2001, has announced it will again revise its shipping policy, offering free Airborne Express 2nd Day day delivery to customers whose orders total over $500. Other orders will be shipped Airborne Express 2nd Day delivery for a flat fee of $9. Customers will be able to upgrade to overnight delivery for a flat-fee of $13.
    They must really be hurting for money. In terms of other good sites has some good prices.
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    I especially like (in other words, especially dislike) how Outpost's ad now says "Save money every day" with free second day delivery on orders over $500. How many days exactly am I out there buying $500+ stuff?

    Outpost has now become just about the WORST place to buy small items like software. I can understand how they'd lose too much with free overnight, but there's not even any cheap standard 3-5 day delivery option.

    The old brick-and-mortar stores are still alive (especially CompUSA ).

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