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    --(Sorry if this is in the wrong thread!)--

    Hello! For christmas, I got the book and CD package "The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People" and I LOVE IT! Unfortunately, two weeks ago when I decided to install the palm version off of the CD onto my Visor, I ran into problems. NO CD!! I have not found it after TWO WEEKS of searching, so I am turning to the discussion board for help.
    (And feeling really stupid for loseing the CD, doh!) :-)

    PLEASE if anyone recieved/owns this eBook in some form or fashion, contact me. I am even willing to send someone my physical book for a copy of the eBook so that I can read it all. I am trying to get motivated in college and what I have read so far seems like pertty good information.

    I have been reading the book on and off when I have time, but I am a TSTC college student, and the instructors get pissed if you read in class. BUT, if I have it in eBook form, then they really don't know if you're taking notes or what. Hehehe ;-)

    John Tyra
    College Student
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    Wouldn't one habit of a highly effective person be listening in class?

    (Sorry...I couldn't resist )

    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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    Well, I suppose so.

    That, and I suppose there is no one out there that has this software, or they are not willing to part with it unless I scan and post a picture of a reciept or something.

    But, that IS what I get for loosing my own CD.

    Thanks, all!

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    Have you tried contacting the publisher to see if there's any way to obtain the lost software?
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    Good idea!

    I haven't thought of that, but it was a christmas gift, so I doubt that they would take my word on it. Definatley worth a try though!!


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