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    My company owns and I support about a dozen Visor's. However the owner of my company just bought a Cassiopeia (without consulting me)and expects me to have it synchronizing all his outlook folders right now.

    I realize this is the wrong board but I don't know where else to turn. Maybe someone can point me to another discussion forum where I can get more detailed information.

    But anyway here's my specific question:
    Can ActiveSync 3.1 synchronize with multiple contact folders in the same exchange mailbox? How about subfolders of the main contacts folder? How about categories within te main contacts folder. Basically he's got hundreds of contacts and he's trying to keep them organized on his handheld and in Outlook 98.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Check out discussion boards. Someone there may be able to help.
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    Thanks a bunch! Found just what I needed there. I shoulda thought of that site - guess I panicked.

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