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    We all know it is out there. But I must admit, that I had two big misconceptions, if the information in this article is correct:

    1) How MANY are still involved in child labor worldwide (not even counting the underworld of child porn & drug smuggling).

    2) That this is the FIRST TIME it has gone down!

    I think this is a subject that for many of us in the US, EU, and among other of the richer countries in the world, to not really think about or realize the magitude of the issue because we gernerally don't have to deal with it, at least in the formal sector. I would dare say that a vast majority of us on this forum have never seen it to any great extent, with the exception of possibly those who traveled the world with the military, missionary efforts, aid relief orgs, ect...

    U.N. report: Child labor declining worldwide for first time

    International Labor Organization, which announced Thursday that the number of children at work worldwide is declining for the first time.

    The number of laborers under age 18 fell by 11% between 2000 and 2004, from 246 million to 218 million, the Geneva-based ILO said.


    The most dramatic decline has been in Latin America and the Caribbean, where the number of working children has fallen by two-thirds in four years, the ILO said. Just 5% of youths in the region are in the workforce.


    The number of working Brazilian children ages 5-9 fell by 61% between 1992 and 2004, and the larger number of working children 10-17 fell by 36%.

    Globally, the biggest problem stems from the agriculture industry, in which seven out of 10 child laborers work, the ILO said.

    Child labor also has fallen in Asia and the Pacific, but the region still has some 122 million workers between the ages of 5 and 14, the most of any region. And the ILO said the number in Asia could rise again because of December 2004 tsunami and the October 2005 earthquake in Pakistan.


    Sub-Saharan Africa, where poverty, high population growth and the AIDS epidemic have hampered efforts to curb child labor, has the highest proportion of working children in the world, with nearly 50 million one in every four children, the ILO said.


    More than 30 nations have set a deadline of 2016 to abolish the worst forms of child labor, and the ILO urged other countries to set target dates as well. The report did not mention the United States.


    "We still have a lot to do in the informal area and where child labor is hidden, like pornography and drug trafficking," Americo said.

    The Brazilian government has helped keep many kids off the job market with a program that began in the 1990s. It pays families a monthly stipend to keep their children in school and involved in extracurricular activities like dance, crafts or sports.

    "You only see the result after 15 years," Americo said. "You need political determination to do it."


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    I guess it's no suprise there are no comments on this topic from the lemmings or their leaders. Come on, guys/gals.
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    Why use children when you can pay illegal aliens even less?
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    Big difference, one made a choice the other didn't.
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    I promise you child labor is dropping. We can hardly get our kids to even clean their rooms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59
    I promise you child labor is dropping. We can hardly get our kids to even clean their rooms.

    I wonder how they measure these figures though.. a lot of it is done in secret I imagine..
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    Probably somewhat misleading, the first quote (The number of laborers under age 18 fell by 11% between 2000 and 2004) under age 18. I know I had a summer job when I was 15, loaded hay on the back of a wagon. Should that be considered in child labor? I think not, it was my choice, I wanted the money to buy my first car (67 mustang btw).

    If the number is dropping that is a good thing.

    Wonder why blaze did not post this one
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    The under 18 age is a VERY good point. In fact I did strawberry picking when I was 12 to save for something I wanted to buy.....cannot even remember what it was now. Again, a my choice thing to save for something I wanted.

    I personally (and probably very stereotypical) perceptions of Child Labor, for the most part and with several obvious exceptions, had three criteria:

    1) Under the age of 12
    2) Forced into labor.
    3) Number 2 could easily trump number 1 up to the age of 16 to qualify.

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