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    Some guy posted this on, a poll to determine
    the most popular phone...

    Here is the link:
    Game over!
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    I just went there and manually inserted "Treo 650" and gave it a 4 out of 5 ranking. It would get higher but for the normal hoo-hah problems well known to everyone on Treocentral.
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    I gave it a 5, we shouldn't wash dirty linen in public... Treo RULES!
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    Come on all of you, give me a hand at this...

    It is a tough job keeping the Treo 650 among the top three spots.
    Game over!
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    I just voted. Although I have a 700p now, I went ahead and voted the 650, just so I see a Treo in the Top 3.
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    I put my vote in as well. It's in the Top 3 already.
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    This will inevitably be followed by dozens of people giving 1 outta 5 ratings to artificially bring down the ratings of phones other than the ones they bought.
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    It's #2 now.

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