hey i love the guy

he does a great job on my lawn -- and he's a magnificent dancer.

and he seems to have really taken to heart daT's lessons about car pooling and hybrids
But lets face it -- he can hardly put 2 intelligible english sentences together.

When pulled over for having too many people in his Prius the officer needed to get an interpreter to ask him where he was going.

Is this sufficient grounds for asking for documentational proof of his citizenship or legal residency ??

What should the consequences be that would flow from someone being unable to provide such proof on demand ???

Would such a demand inevitably be an unconstitutional violation of everyone’s civil liberties ??

Would it unavoidably bring us to the slippery slope of a national ID card system ??

How severe should sanctions be against employers who hired and who had a reasonable expectation that he might not have had the proper papers (was no american willing work at such a dive, or dance as cheaply ??)

The man has made lots of friends, his kids were born here -- and he supports george bush jr.

Should hoovs be deported ??