View Poll Results: Which New Game System(s) Are You Going To Buy

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  • Nintendo Wii (formerly known as codename: Revolution)

    3 50.00%
  • Microsoft Xbox 360

    2 33.33%
  • Sony Playstation 3

    2 33.33%
  • None....just keeping my old system or only play games on PC.

    1 16.67%
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    Since a lot of people buy multiple game systems, I left it open so you can vote for all the latest gen system you already or plan to own.

    Here is a little bit about each new system:

    Nintendo Wii:

    I must admit I have always been a Nintendo fan. This one looks cool, and it one that I know I will get it. The controller can feel and react in the game to how you physically move the controller. For example, if playing Mario you might flip the controller up to make him jump, or in a shooter game you would actually aim with the controller or swing a Lightsaber as if you were actually holding it in your hands.

    Here are some articles:

    In Defense of (the name) Wii

    Nintendo Talks to IGN About Wii

    Wii to launch in July at $199?

    XBOX 360:
    I have the original XBox and like it alot. But I will personally wait a little bit (like a year from it's release) and buy 360 off of eBay and get a bunch of games, extra controllers, etc... for not too much more than buying a stock system in the store now. The graphics on it do look really good.

    Console Buying Guide: Xbox 360

    Playstation 3:
    What I think is very interesting about this system is that it may end up one of the major deciding factors of the HDDVD and Bluray format wars, as PS3 will be a Bluray device that can play Bluray DVD movies.

    For this fact alone, I just might find myself tempted to buy it.

    More Rumours About PlayStation 3 Pricing And Launch Date
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    I'm sure I'm gonna pick up a Wii, and probably a PS3...but why the hell is Nintendo calling their next system 'Wii'!? I understand their logic and all, but it's just so strange, and doesn't quite ooze 'cool' like every other aspect of the system does...
    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?
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    Did not know thats what the Wiiiiiiiiiiii looks like lol; but hey it looks cool enough

    As for me, the last console/gaming device i bought was the 1st generation gameboy advanced; i bought one game with it; and that was that (although I have a stack of old, and I mean old Gameboy Monochrome games)

    My brother has asked me if he should buy a PS2, or wait for a PS3 or get a Xbox. I told him if anything the 360 should suit him perfectly; although thinking about it now he is a sports game genre player, so I dunno which one to pick out of the PS3 (which has yet to come out) and the 360
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    Walked into a store a few weeks ago and they had a dozen 360 consoles sitting there. Bought one and love it. I had not been into gaming since the late 70/early 80's arcade days. I don't play it enough to justify buying the games at this time so I rent them from the video store and am urprised at how many are available there with such a limited supply of consoles.

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