went to see a premiere of MI3 tonight, and since I know that Tom has a bevy of obsessively fawning fans amongst the simian and sapiens that congregate here, I thought Iíd share a few words to hold you over til it opens.

Jeez I was actually expecting much much more.

MI3 is directed by JJ Abrams, the writer producer of LOST. And since I really like LOST (almost too well written for commercial TV) I was hoping for something different from the previous Mission Impossible films. Maybe a movie with a core of empathetically involving characters, a believable plot, stuff to care about. For me though nothin -- just the same old comic book excuse for Tomís stunt coordinators to show off.

I was also a little creeped out over his casting of a dead ringer for Katie Holmes as his movie ďwifeĒ.

It wasnít a total loss -- I instead spent the entire movie drooling over Maggie Q -- an actress Iíve never seen before. So cool, so sleek, so slithery.