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    I have Multiple Sclerosis and am captain of an MS Walk team that will be walking at the Philadelphia Art Museum this Sunday, May 7nd @ 10 AM. It is a 4, 6, or 8 mile walk with proceeds sponsoring research to find a cure. MS is an auto-immune disease that attacks nerves in a person's brain and spinal cord and cause problems such as numbness, paralysis, and blindness among other things. It is incurable.

    Our team is looking for more walkers or sponsors. If you are interested, either email me at TreoCentral or check out my website at It has the NMSS website framed in case you would like to either sponsor the team or register for the event online. Our team is being sponsored by the Verizon Foundation to have everything I raise matched 1:1. All donations are flat amounts, 100% tax deductible, are matched by the Verizon, and can be whatever you want. Even a $10 donation to just show your support is appreciated. So if you support charities, please consider supporting mine.

    Last year I posted this up and received several generous sponsors from TreoCentral for the team. With the help of the Verizon Foundation's matching program, we raised $15K in 2006 bring my team's three total up to around $40K. We were ranked about 6 or 7 in the PA/NJ/DE region.

    Thanks to eveyone once again for their support and attention in this matter.

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    FYI - 400,000 Americans have MS. Anyone else here?
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    This is a good cause. I had a co-worker diagnosed several years ago, our company decided to sponsor the MS150 bike tour here in Utah, we have since switched to the MS Walk and it has become a yearly event for our company to get together and help. I would encourage anyone to participate it is alot of fun and really helps. Supporting with funds is always needed as well.
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    Thanks for supporting the event James. Most people don't get involved or care until it hits their family. Then it is too late. With the way companies are cutting back it doesn't surprise me but most people have become tight with the wallet. I've even had people with parents affected not bother with it this year. How lousy is that?

    Nevertheless, we had nearly 60 people and the weather was beautiful and are still receiving donations. With our company match we have broken $17K. Thanks again James for walking. Take care.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.

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