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    I recently sent a package to Brazil using DHL delivery. It was a 3 pound package, and I declared the value as $300 for a small digital camera and other small items. I think I might have paid a few extra dollars for insurance, but I don't remember.

    The entire bill came out to $130, which I agreed to and paid on the spot. The store clerk let me know there would be a separate bill for tax/duties/customs which I would get later on. I inquired what the exact cost of this would be, to which there was no exact answer, but was given the impression it would be relatively small around $20 or $30 or so.

    The package arrived just fine approx 4 or 5 days later, which I appreciated. However, about a month later, I got a separate bill in the mail for the tax/duties/customs charge which came out to approx $290.00 !!!

    My first impression is W.T.F ?!?!?!?! The entire bill only came out to $130, so how can tax/duties/custom be an extra $290 ??

    I swear there is something shady going on. Maybe DHL has to grease the pockets of local politicians in South America so that DHL can have an edge over their competitors, such as FedEx, etc. Purely a crazy guess, but I wouldn't be surprised though.

    Needless to say, I'm not happy about this ridiculous bill.

    Anyone have similar experience and advice?

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    I use to send things back and forth to England, and never had anything like that. I think it is a corrupt South American official waiting for your payment so he can pay your real bill of $45!

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