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    Originally posted by satch
    i hadn't counted on anyone actually thinking that someone could have tried *every* registrars.
    You're right, that's a pretty rediculous assumption. You can find out how the registrars work pretty easily, though, by poking around their site, looking at AUPs, reading newsgroups and message boards, and even contacting people who use them (can be a little difficult to find, but not impossible).

    netsol is easily the worst.
    I don't think you'll find any argument there. You wouldn't believe the paperwork a friend of mine had to deal with when he moved and tried to update his address with them, only to find out the email address he had registered with them had been inactive for some time...

    i don't have a problem paying $35 a year for my domain.
    Yeah, the difference between $35/yr and $15/yr is actually pretty negligible if you're only doing one or two years, but if you're gonna reserve your domain for much longer...would you rather pay $175 or $75? If payments were spread out like most other services, it wouldn't be such a huge deal, but since it's a one-time lump-sum expense, it can make a difference.
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    well, i use and i am extremely happy so far. 35 bucks for all the features they give you, and really hassle free sign-up/maintainance.
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