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    [ rant ]

    I need more room!

    Big programs/files that I need:
    - AvantGo - 1.5mb (right now...)
    - Blazer - 202K
    - DateBk4 - 458K
    - HandyShopper2 [Beta] - 129K
    - Peanut Reader - 133K
    - Space Trader - 312K (hey, I DO need this...)
    - WordSmith - 340K

    This doesnít even count the PIM stuff - lots of calendar events, addresses and memos...
    And the files - ebooks, documents, dictionaries/thesauruses, photos...
    And the other programs that I need, that are not as big as the ones mentioned above...

    And letís not forget TealMovie... Itís cool, but I had to back everything up to the Backup Module, and delete half my Visor just to view a few movies.

    <sigh> Come on people... SOMEONE quickly put out a module that has a LOT of RAM - with the ability to read directly from the module (just like the Handspring Flash module) and the capacity to write directly to it from the PC (unlike the Handspring Flash module - do you know what a hassle it is to restore everything to it when you crash/corrupt that thing???)


    [ end rant ]

    p.s. It's amazing - I really was content before I got a PDA, but now that I'm so used to carrying one around, I require more and more... <sigh>
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    Yeah, these palm devices in general could use more memory, but color devices in particular could use a good 16 MB of ram. I have the 8 MB flash module and it is better than nothing, but still it would be better to have 16megs in the device because it would be usable with other modules. And with color programs using more and more memory, the problem will probably only get worse. For example, I can't run Zap 2016 because I get what appears to be a memory related crash, most likely because I only have 300K free memory left. Anyhoo, thanks for starting this rant, I hope we're not the only ram enthusiasts in Visorcentral .
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    You should never need more then 64k!
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    Originally posted by Maltair
    You should never need more then 64k!
    true .. but these gosh darn programmers keep releasing apps with more and more useless features (haha .. yeah right ... ) -- besides, memory is cheap -- these devices should have like 32MB of space .. that would be shweeeet..

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    No matter what amount of memory a device comes with, someone will always wish they had more.

    This suggests to me a solid state slot that would let you plug in your own memory chip upgrade when you felt you needed more. They could do the ZIF (zero insertion force) type of socket you see processors in on most motherboards (only much smaller). Also, the visor (or whatever PDA you use) should come with this chip slot open. There's no reason you should have to throw out the standard 8meg a device came with. Just ADD 64 or 128 to end up with a total of 136meg.

    I know why they don't do this, but it would still be a plus feature for me. They'd fear consumers would screw up their PDAs by putting in the wrong chip, or bending a pin, or whatever. The Springboard slot and the Sony Gumstick slot are very daring, but obviously proprietary. And engineered to reduce the chance of failure.

    Oh well.

    Dave ;-)
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    More, more, more.

    I went from a Palm Pro to a Visor Dx (now a Prism), and thought that multiplying the available memory by a factor of 8 would be more than enough.

    Shows what I know. Of course, that was before I knew about AvantGo, the eyemodule, Geode, ebooks, etc - all memory hogs.

    I could easilly be happy with 32mb. I just wish they'd come out with it.

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