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    I actually have PrePaid Legal and for the most part have been very happy with them. I had one bad experience with a referral lawyer, but I guess that is just a numbers game.

    It is actually cool to be able to have unlimited phone support and have them make a call or write a letter for free for any situation you find yourself. For example I was working at home when I hear a loud CLICK and all the power when out. I went out front and there was our local PUD guy turning off my power. I asked why and he answered that we owed them over $800 in back bills. I explained there must be a mistake as we are completely paid in full as I personally paid out monthly bill every month for the last several months resulting in a zero balance each month. I asked if could verify the account information. He said No he would not. I asked if he could hold on for one minute. I ran into the house called PPL and quickly explained the situation. She put me on hold, came back 2 minutes later and said she called PUD and verified it is a mistake.

    I went outside and explained that I just called my attorney (he stiffened up right away) and that she verified with So-and-so that it was a mistake. He refused to double check, saying if it is on the order it is NOT a mistake.....and drove off with my power still turned off.

    3 minutes later I hear another CLICK and my power comes back on. I run as fast as I can out front and he is already pulling out of my drive way speeding away.

    Now, I would never have called an attorney and paid $150 for a phone consult and for them making a call for this....I would have battled for a couple hours in the dark to get my power on all on my own.

    For $25 a month, it sure has come in I could share other similar stories.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho
    heberman: do you normally recommend people to get an attorney if they can afford one?
    It depends on what you need done. If you are sued, yes, get an attorney. If you are a criminal defendant - get an attorney. It may cost a lot of money, but if you have a good lawyer it is usually well worth it.

    As far as Pre Paid Legal goes, I think it is a pretty good deal for people. You can get estate planning docs and simple issues resolved for relatively little money. If you aren't happy with your referral lawyer, ask them to change you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by protonpump
    hey. has anyone else had the experience of having to hire a lawyer?
    I had to retain a lawyer for several thousand dollars cause of some B.S. and believe me its all B.S. its very depressing and I worry about it a lot.
    just to make it relevant to the board; I typed my statement of events on my treo.
    I hired a lawyer for some things-never used my Treo for it though.
    What is your circumstance, why are you depressed and how has your lawyer "saved your life"-that's interesting. How'd the Treo help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by protonpump
    well. basically. I have a monkey on my back. a monkey making false accusations. its very scary and depressing. the lawyer "saved my life," so to speak cause he assured me it'll be ok. I was very very worried. I still am but its better, sometimes. the treo helped cause iv been typing everything for my lawyer on the treo. very distressing. just when I'm enjoying life a little this happens.
    wow proton, but didnt you say you paid your lawyer thousands of dollars???? don't u think they're just telling you what you want to hear to get paid-- I had the same experience and I found out many thousands of dollars too late and years in court--be careful.
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