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    Quote Originally Posted by theBlaze74
    I think you already mentioned that, and I asked how it was relevant, especially since there was a page full of other sources also pointing out that George Bush was planning to invade Iraq long before 9/11.

    As usual, you are questioning motives, slinging insults, and calling in to question integrity and even intellegence in order to direct attention away from the substance of the issue at hand.

    In this case, i can see why.
    Who is your other source, Jack Mehoff? You have no credibility, you ignore posts that prove you wrong and you make statements that no sane person would believe. You are a silly boy.
    Freedom of some speech in the US, through someone in the UK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geatches
    Who is your other source, Jack Mehoff?
    The other sources include the authorized biography of George Bush's Secretary of the Treasury Paul Oneal as reported in USA Today, and the authorized biography of George Bush's Terrorism Zhar Richard Clarke, but I think I am finished talking to you. You are one of the least informed contributors to this board, and your arguments consist of not much more than childish namecalling, and insults about integrity or even intellegence.
    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    Since you did not read any of the information in response to your question, you probably don't know that I agree with you that with the directions, proclamations, advice, and intel from the two previous admins, it was prudent to have just such a plan. Also if Bush had Presidential aspirations, which he no doubt had, while as a Governor, it also stands to reason to know your personal stance and plans for current admin (Clinton) policies, like the Iraq Liberation Act signed under Bill Clinton. So, yes I agree with you that Bush probably did look into this issue and think it would have been irresponsible to not have done so. I am sure he did the same thing with many other international and internal issues as well.
    If you believe Paul O'Neal, Richard Clarke, & reports from the Bush family biographer, they were not talking about contingency plans. The president was determined long before 9/11 to "change the regime", as one of the goals of his presidency. There were even reports (believe them or not) that the president believed this is what God wanted him to do, or even that this is why god made him president. This is not the same as "prudent to have such a plan" or "stands to reason to know your personal stance and plans for current admin policies".
    Quote Originally Posted by hobbesisreal
    Again....I agree, but congress does have a major roll in this, hence the weight of the quotes from the time. Did they or did they not express the same opinion of the Pres and vote to support him and give him power to preceed? If both Rep and Dem had been against it and advised against it, then the lump of the blame would fall in the Pres lap. But Congress nearly unanimously agreed with it, stated their belief and the reasons for it. The responsibility of their statements to help influence the decision at the time to go into Iraq cannot be dismissed.
    You know what though, he had a unique position in history. He had a window of time where the world would have followed him anywhere. Anywhere... and politicians are well .. political. If you remember the atmosphere at the time, it would have meant the end of your career to stand up and say ... "wait a second, where exactly is the evidence?"

    Is that an excuse to sit on your hands? Of course not, unfortunately, i can only vote for the ones in my district, but I assure you, i will do everything i can to clean house next election, as will most of america.
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    Zhar=The fictional planet that Plo Koon escaped to after the execution of Order 66

    Plo Koon
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