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    Quote Originally Posted by sir_mycroft
    Why did this thread not receive the customary "stop wasting my precious time!" and "thanks for chewing up bandwith!" gripping that other equally vapid threads enjoyed. And why is it still open?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Advance The Man
    ATM -- (my old friend and nemesis) -- are now you too in the WPP ??
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    Hey Barye, get a life along with get rid of your left wing tag line. Try quoting a non drive-by media source before making useless comments about Iraq. It's those soliders that you besmirch that give guys like you the right to freely say stupid things on boards like this. But I guess since you are from Wash. DC, it says alot about your real motives... The usual "Hate Bush" crowd. I'm not sure if anybody told you, but it's a pretty sure bet he isn't going to win re-election, so why not move on and realize your man Kerry, lost? You know, the guy that fought in Vietnam?

    Ok, off my rant...

    I know everything about the 700p release. After all, I stayed at a HOliday Inn Express yesterday.
    Mark F Chinsky
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