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    All I can say is wow, I recently read an artice at which tells of a paper cell phone that will cost $10.

    The basic concept is that you will be able to purchase these cell phones at various retail stores and they will be given away as promotion items.

    When you get them they will be like a phone card and have 60 minutes worth of talking on them. When you use up those 60 minutes you can either throw it away or charge it up with more time. If this is all it is made up to be it would be really great, and would make this woman extremly rich. The best yet is it is expected to come out later this year!

    Also the article speaks of a paper laptop... I dont know if I believe that one though.
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    I don't belive the paper laptop, but last year I watched a show on PBS about the paper cell phone. They had a prototype and said that they expected to start selling them next year (as in 2001). I'm all for it. I don't want to get stuck with service plans, so my only other choice is prepaid cellphone, but those are expensive. this paper cellphone would be great, AND it would be perfect for emergencys!

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