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    Due to benefits with contracts dealing with work, I get the opportunity to get one of the new Movie Beam units for Free.

    This is a wireless device that recieves movies via an indoor antenna for you to rent movies with months before they before ppv. No monthly subscriptions. Picture like Pay-per-view but on the schedule of DVD releases instead of the ppv schedule which is 1-3 months behind.

    So if a movie is release today on DVD, you want to see it, but don't want to own that one, you just "rent" it for 24 hours. Personally I never rent movies anymore because I never return them on time. So I either buy it or wait 1-3 months for ppv or 4-6 months for Stars.

    It is $1.99 for non new release titles. $3.99 for new release and $4.99 for HD new release.

    I don't think I would have ever bought one of these units myself, but I would take one....and use it....for free.

    In a week or so after it arrives (I cannot order it until Monday), I will let you know what I think with a quick review of it.

    You can check it at . The specs page is here: .
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    Walt Mossberg reviewed this for the WSJ not too long ago. I think his main gripe was the limited selection of movies available.

    It's an interesting approach to distributing movies. I wonder how long it can survive given so much competition...
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    do you have a link by chance?
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    Although the rest of WSJ is a paid service, Walt's articles are free...
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    Thanks samkim ....that was a pretty informative article.

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