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    As mentioned in another thread I am gonna do something I haven't done for about 20 years....and that is get a new e-mail address. It';s kinda weird thinking that my download speeds are 24,000 times faster than they were when I opened these accounts.

    With that much history I have got a lot of "change of electronic address" e-mails to send but I know I gonna forget something. Here's my "ToDo" list.

    1. Send COEA notices to all those in my 8 or 9 electronic address books.....2 or 3 times.

    2. Add accounts to my puters and Treo.

    3. Contact all my software / hardware vendors with COEA

    4. Contact all web forums I belong to with COEA.

    What am I forgetting ?
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    Setup forwarders on the old accounts to forward mail onto the new one(s)?
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    Other things I can think of which seem to require manually changing them:

    Change email addresses at bank, utilities, other places with e-bills/payments. (Pretty all-encompassing, too. I forgot to update an old retirement plan and an insurance company. A really, really good reason NOT to go "all electronic" for statements, notices, etc.)

    Subscription groups (listservs, email groups, etc.)

    Your family. (Yes, I did forget a few. Plus people will continue to send to the old address for at least a year, now matter how much you remind them.)

    On puters, Treos, remember to change the "reply to" address if you fill that in on your account setups.

    Changing info/autocomplete for sites where you email is your log on name.

    It seems like there are a couple of other really important ones that are escaping me. It's been a few years since I've done this (from AT&T dialup to DSL).
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    Da bookkeeper does the bills thing so that isn't on my account.

    I dropped all my listserves except for one and have that e-mail list.

    Family .... hmmmm maybe I should specifically exclude most of them when using my address book o send out notices

    I am gonna keep the address for 3 months before stopping the service to catch any stragglers.

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