How's this for not spending money ? I have had several e-mail addresses for 20+ years with compuserve. Even tho I use their mail server, our ISP is which gives us 5 additional e-mail addresses. Inquiring with optonline, the only way to get more addresses is to upgrade to thier "Boost" service for an extra $15 a month. It comes with a web site, domain registration and 15 e-mail addresses.....not to mention "up to 30 Mbps" download speed. I measured it at 28.8 Mbps.

So the $15 a month would be offset by dropping the $20 I been sending to Compuserve for the last 20 years....since the days when 1200 baud was "fast". I am $5 ahead per month. Now that the background outta da way, I'll get to the relevant part

The "boost" service comes with a leased Motorola VOIP modem. You can't connect with the new modem until you "register" it with both optonline and Motorola. Registering the modem with Motorola, and it asks you if it's leased or purchased (I put leased) gets you a 10% discount on your next purchase from if you have your eye on a set of Razrwires for $300 or whatever, ya can get the equivalent of two months free Boost service out of registering a modem that someone else bought !