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    Birthday greetings to Antoine of MMM, ScottUrman and strado!
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    Here, here!
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    Happy Birthday Antoine!

    Your radio interview airdate has not been scheduled yet... I"ll let you know when it is.
    There is a lot of timely political stuff that must be aired first, while it is fresh. With the Maryland General Assembly now out of session I hope to be able to schedule it to air in the next few weeks.

    To all others.... Antoine was a guest on my radio interview program in the Baltimore/Annapolis area. We recorded the interview, but the airdates have not been scheduled yet. We talked about the uses of Mobile Technology in doing ministry.

    It will probably appear as a series of 5-minute interviews aired Mon-Fri on the Annapolis station (WFSI 107.9 FM), and as part of a half-hour program heard in Baltimore on WBGR (860 AM) and WBMD (750 AM). He was an interesting & knowledgeable guest.

    All the best, Duane K.
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