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    or msn? or anything msn related?

    i can't get my hotmail, via any avenue of which i can think. seems like someone hacked ms pretty good. unless i've gone batty and am the only one unable to access the servers. (i know, it serves me right, but i've had that hotmail account for years, before i knew the evils of MS, and c.)

    anyone have any intelligence on this?
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    Well, I was having trouble getting my Hotmail through Outlook last night and this morning, saying that the server wa non-exsistant. While this was happening, I did have acess through the web though, so I though it was a problem with my computer. When I came home today, all was well, and I can access my mail through my computer again.

    PS. As a quick check, I just went to MSN, and Hotmail. They both work for me, maybe it's a problem with you're computer.
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    nope. i'm still getting nowhere. i can neither access hotmail through oe or the web. nor msn thru the web. netscape noer ie. how can it be my computer? i can access everything else just fine. hmmm. any other thoughts?

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    through Outlook
    i didn't think you could use outlook w. hotmail
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    newer versions of oe anyway allow you to access hotmail via a sort of conduit. i don't know about outlook, but i imagine its the same.
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    yes, i use hotmail with oe, but i don't believe it is possible since i don't think it supports http mail
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    A lot of MS sites had issues this morning:

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    And they switched from running on BSD to Windows 2000.. (Pre MS acquired Hotmail ran on BSD) Since they switched over 100% to Win2k, I've noticed hotmail always seems to have some kind of (perpetual) problem..

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    yeah... it's back now.

    um, pcamingnet... i don't understand how you don't understand if you use the software to do what we're talking about. anyway, trust me... oe5 (and outlook, apparently) can retreive hotmail. they just can. i don't know how it works, but i press the button, and (usually) my hotmail shows up in the little folder. so, it works. if your software desn't do it, and you want to, you should upgrade. i do think its an ms thing only, meaning yahoo or excite or something won't work if trying to retreive via oe or outlook, nor will eudora retreive hotmail. i think ms worked out it's own protocol or something. that's the extent of my knowledge. anyone who cares to step in, should. i'm just glad my hotmail's back.
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    if your software desn't do it, and you want to, you should upgrade.
    well, first off, i am running the most recent software, and secondly i don't want it to.
    anyway, trust me... oe5 (and outlook, apparently) can retreive hotmail. they just can.
    i know oe5 can! i use it, that was never what i said.. i just though that *outlook* was not compatible with hotmail, or any http mail.
    i haven't really tried using outlook with hotmail, only oe, but during the setup process, i couldn't figure out how to use it. now i don't have a good argument, because i don't use it, and appearantly you have been successful. and.. i have used my hotmail account plently of times this week, including today, and have had no problems.

    happy to hear that it is working for you
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    Before this degenerates into a flaming match HotMail has been down since last night depending on location. I'm not sure if anything else MSN related has or not.
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    i was not trying to flame... i'm sorry if it seemed that way...

    i can't speak for outlook, but ben apparently has it working, so that's why i grouped it in with oe5 in my explanation. i seriously wasn't trying to start anything. apologies all around. technically i think we're all on the same page and the lines of communication were down (how a propos!)
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    matty don't worry about, sorry if i came off pissed, it was a long night yesterday..

    anyway, i guess i spoke too soon, because now my hotmail is not working. it has to be on and off, because just 2 hours ago at school i accessed my account just fine.

    come on microsoft, get your act together

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    Big tip: I use MyRealBox, owned by Novell (third place on the monopoly wars, behind apple) and though it's in beta, us better that most services I've seen. The servers only are down for an hour every couple of weeks, there are no ads, and you get POP and SMTP options. I think it's an 8M account (not sure, might be 4) but I'm very satisfied (and it doesn't have the porn spam that hotmail had).
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    Well, well ... and I thought I was the only one experiencing problems w/ my hotmail account.
    Since last week's Wednesday, sometimes I succeeded in loging in - sometimes it didn' t work. On Thursday I noticed that some */&$(! seems to have emptied my whole inbox ... except that I did not want to empty it.
    No ... I did not empty it by accident, it was just .. empty.

    Of course, the answers to my emails to hotmail staff were completely useless (just as I expected


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