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    I got a StarTAC ST7868W phone last Friday so that I can use it as a wireless modem with my Prism... It's a nice little phone and wireless couldn't be cooler, but what became immediately annoying is the very loud BEEP the phone makes when you connect a data cable to it and initiate a connection, terminate a connection, plug/unplug the internal charger, or receive a text message.

    Even more annoying, when the phone is in "Silent Mode", which I assume is meant to be a courtesy to people around you if you absolutely have to have your phone turned on in a movie theater, play, etc., the beep is not deactivated! I've looked through the phone manual and searched online, and I haven't been able to find any way to control the volume of the data/message beeps... am I overlooking something, or does this functionality just not exist? I appreciate any tips anyone can give me!


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    I have a Timeport, and I also have not been able to find a way to get that beep to go away. If you find a solution, then please let me know.

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    I went through all of the FAQ and knowledge base materials on Motorola's web site, and finally got down to an 800 number for customer support... the rep I spoke with said that all of the data/service beeps are at a fixed volume; no way to change them. I asked specifically about the ST7868W, but if you've had similar results finding info about the Timeport, it's probably the same deal. I guess I'll just make sure not to dial or receive messages at the library.

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    The only solution I found (I have the st7860w) was to plug in a cell/wireless compatible headphone, then the beeps will be heard only through the headset.
    If you don't have a headphone (and don't want one), maybe getting a connector alone (Radio Shack has a mini plug to sub-minim plug converter) will deactivate the tone. I'll have to check this out when I get home.

    - Rey

    By the way, when you remove the headphone, you'll here a beep.
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    Whenever I plug in my headset, the beep can be heard through the speaker on the top of the phone, and not through the headset. I think that the only solution to this problem is to not plug anything in when you are in a quiet location.


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