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    The contest got me remembering the old VisorCentral days and I went back to this post that was about my trials with a defective Graphite Visor Deluxe.

    Some of you with problems on your Treo's might look back and see just how far the old Handspring company has come. My Treo unfortunately died a wet death on St. Paddy's day and as such my time here will probably be much less since we have reverted to a company issued Moto V557 and sticking with my T5 for the PDA stuff.
    Moose Man
    Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
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    Moose -

    I remember those days well. Even slightly before, the trials of waiting for delivery of those first blue and ice Visor DX's after we'd fought unendingly through the online order system. I got so fed up with waiting, I wrote to a young VP named Dubinsky, and she actually replied (or at least had a good assitant faking a reply).

    Oh man, our suffering would put even Perry to shame.....
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