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    Bahraini & American Navy rescued around 65 so far.

    Kinda strange, the weather is nice, sea is calm, ferry is two weeks old!
    Strange that.

    I hope everyone is OK.
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    My thoughts and prayers are with those individuals.
    "If It Weren't For The United States Military"
    "There Would Be NO United States of America"
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    Very odd timing considering the sinking of an Egyptian ferry off the opposite coast of Saudi Arabia less than two months ago. I hope that many more are rescued and that they don't find that foul play was involved.
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    Thanks hoovs, cardio
    I doubt there is any foul play involved. the ferry is only two weeks old. Coast gaurd thinks its some malfunction.
    130 people, 48~47 are dead, over sixty are rescued, 21 of which injured with bruises.

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