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    I'm putting this in "Off Topic" so that you guys don't bash
    me up for flogging a dead horse. Yeah, I've done the mandatory
    and cursory searches in these forums.

    I had a chance to play with the Treo 600 and I could swear
    that the pTunes sound quality is much mellower, smoother,
    heavier, deeper and overall better in the 600. (that is pTunes
    2.x in the 600 v/s pTunes 3.x in my 650)

    Is is par for the course?

    - mvk
    Game over!
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    From a lifelong audiophile, I did not any difference. Do you have the equalizer set different?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fender Doc
    From a lifelong audiophile, I did not any difference
    That explains the Fender username...???

    No... all set to normal, in-fact the equalizer switched off.

    Then it must be just my imagination or quiet possibly
    variations in individual units.

    - mvk
    Game over!

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