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Of course I'll believe. I'll believe I've learned something new.
Well said.

So, in light of the obviously futile nature of pursuing the tangent, let's get back to the primary topic.

I realized another example of the necessity of having a shared understanding of right and wrong. In the "Afghan christian..." thread, several TCers critiqued Redbelt's presentation of having financial transactions without usury. The critique raised examples of how a person could use "margin" to in effect exact usury.

I believe the principle is, you don't charge someone who needs to borrow more than you would charge the one who can pay in full at the time of exchange.

What occurs to me is that anyone who does not agree with the principle of "no usury", can find ways to use the authorized practices to defraud his/her neighbor (EDIT: and deterioration ensues). However, those who agree with the principle will realize a fair margin, without looking for methods to gain more revenue than the agreed upon exchange price.