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    For those who are not excited by SETI@Home, there are other things to crunch (though not yet with our beloved Visors):

    Protein Assembly Analysis

    Optimum Golomb Rulers

    Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search

    Climate Dynamics

    There are more (& you can find the links on the Mersenne site), but these seem to be the biggies.
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    1) Run the Folding@Home Console Client, as the graphics version has the odd problem of not being able to call out for a new unit properly. (Stanford programmers are aware of the problem.) When you install the program and it asks for your name, type:

    yourName (HVUS)

    The parentheses are req'd, and HVUS refers to Handspring Visor Users Symposia. ALWAYS USE HVUS IN ANY PROJECT YOU JOIN SO THAT OTHERS CAN DO SO.

    2) The Climate Dynamics project recommends having a computer on 24/7. So, if you keep a computer running that long, or have an extra system lying idle most of the day, this might be perfect.

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    Personally, I won't be running the OGR, due to the obscene complexity of the client. If you like obscurity, you might enjoy this (& other Distributed.Net projects).

    Just downloaded the Mersenne Prime client, though.

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    I'm running the dnet OGR project. Doesn't seem too obscure to me. The cow is just soooo cute!
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    Fishscaler --- so to do Folding@Home its now (HVUS) instead of (Handspring Visor Users Symposia) -- DOH! hmm.. guess I'll have to change that when I get into work on monday ..

    BTW -- I decided to stop S@H on the dual 800 machine and make that dedicated to the F@H... after I know I have it setup right, i may transfer that info to two of the other machines as well.

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    WONDERFUL! Thanks for the links fishscaler. E.T. doesn't much capture my imagination, but protein assembly or climate dynamics is much more my style. Can't wait to get them running! I read in my discover magazine that they had done something similar but used it to figure out some obscure math problem. After I got my iMac I tried to find the article, but with no success. Thanks again!
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    All geared up for Climate Dynamics! This'll be a good one. I can't wait. Thanks again for the links Fishscaler!
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    At least you have the iMac power for the Climate program. The developers seem to think anything less than 500MHz may be too slow, while anything less than a few gigabytes of hard drive space is too little.

    Looks like I'll have to reinstall the Mersenne Prime thing if I want to have a Visor club; didn't read the entire help text before sending for an exponent, and I got a random UserID & password.
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    So are they going to automatically put together a team based on what's entered in the "name" field? I know they don't have it off the ground yet, but is there anything else I'd need to do to make sure they throw my stats in with the team?
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    I just changed one of my posts above, so that HVUS will be our club name in everything except SETI@Home.

    For the climate thing, it appears they are still in the planning stages, as if someone imagines only real supercomputers are capable.
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    I reinstalled the Mersenne Prime (GIMPS) program, and started an HVUS team.

    After downloading the program, make sure to carefully read the Readme file BEFORE running the program. You have to understand the daytime / nighttime hours, and a few other things.

    You will need to contact me to obtain the HVUS password BEFORE running the program; without it, you can't join the team.
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    Folding@Home Logo:


    <retrieved from Seti thread>
    Originally posted by Fishscaler
    Maybe stick the Folding@Home logo in the grafitti area below the screen? No need to keep that area blank.

    BTW, maybe we should continue the F@H discussion under Other Distributed Projects thread, and keep this for SETI.
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    Click here to download the new 1.33 client.

    Remember to put (HVUS) after your handle during the installation in order to join the club.
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    Something interesting -->

    It's the environment that powers Prime95, the Mersenne Prime search.
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    I just pulled out of the Prime95 search. It was eating too many processor cycles and for what? Something mathematical for mostly fun.

    I'll concentrate on Folding@Home.
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    From the people who bring you Folding@Home, comes a little something to crunch DNA: Genome@Home.
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    A United Devices team has been made:
    My processing power is contributed to
    <a href=""><IMG SRC=""><a>
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    A United Devices team has been made:
    My processing power is contributed to
    <a href=""><IMG SRC=""><a>
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    SO let me understand...these links are for us to use on our Visors????

    too unbelievable.

    I'm taking part in the Cancer project for Team in Training. My cousin participates in that and he sent me the link the other day. It's nice because it will actually do some good, unlike SETI which is basically just eye candy.

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