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    I have just been cleaning-up my Windows desktop and adding some shortcuts to Handspring and other files. I would like to make my own custom Icon for on the desktop, but have no clue how to.
    Help would be appreicated.
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    Right click on the shortcut or mabie the actual program icon and then select properties then at the botom of the shortcut tab there is a button called change icon...

    I think icons are small .jpg or .gif files

    that is about all I know...
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    I don't know how to create an icon from scratch but Hide Itoh has made Visor & other Palm icons. You can download & use it for free. It's really cool!

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    Perfect...thanks for the link!
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    M$'s Visual C can create them, so can ImageEdit, on most M$ programming tools CDs. If you search on or any other site, you'll find plenty, including some that can edit icons within executables. Icons are actually stored in bitmap-like form (I'm a Windows programmer), yet are more complicated, and can hold multiple resolutions.

    They are not compressed in any way--that's why Win2K has 12K icons (16-bit color icons at 16x16, 32x32, 64x64).
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