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    Quote Originally Posted by jmill72x
    Good luck with Linux then!

    See, I'm the exact opposite. I want as much built in as possible, as long as it's best of breed or close enough, so that I don't have to worry about compatibility headaches. IE and WMP work fine for me, I use Firefox occasionally, and it doesn't do enough for me, especially if it wasn't free.
    Well that is the is never best of if you want to run something else you have the overhead of both programs. IE being "malware central" and no tabs isn't acceptable.

    MS ties everything into the OS when they pull even if you don't run IE, part of IE has already been loaded when you boot the machine. When they were on trial, Bill G showed an alleged video benchmark "running on the same machine" showing that Windows with IE out was slower.....on cross examination the government proved that they faked the video, caught MS in perjury, and showed for example that Adobe Photoshop ran 15% faster after ripping IE out of the OS.

    I can not accept the 15% performance penalty. Look at the performance comparisons in the table here:

    You'll pay about $700 to get a top end CPU over one that is 10 - 15% slower. Why have that $700 flushed down the toilet because of built in programs that aren't running ?

    It's funny that you advocate an "out of the box" approach for your Treo, but would prefer 3rd party software for your PC though
    You lost me on that one.....I don't advocate any such thing. I have 70 programs on my Treo w/ 18.9 MB free. No performance slowdowns, Palm didn't force any apps on me that are autoloaded. What I do advocate is intelligent, phased progress. Make sure your hardware is stable BEFORE you go mucking up th works with 65 programs. Troubleshootng is easy when the possible causes are limited to a small number.

    I take the same approach to a PC as I do to the Treo....1st few days no programs. After building a PC, I run it for 2-3 days with "burn in" programs (Prime 95, 3D Mark, SiSoftSandra) checking to make sure there's no hardware issues and no thermal throttling going on. If machine is to be o'clocked, try various settings until one provess stable for a few days. Next few days the OS gets pared down removing whatever fluff I can and turning off whatever I can....few more days of running to establish stability and benchmarks.

    As for WM, the DRM crap hassles are just too frustrating. I don't pirate music but I do want the rights the laws give me as to free and unlimited use of the material I have purchased. DRM doesn't allow me that and the bloat slows down my hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeReaction
    Have you ever tried Deepnet Explorer? I use this instead of Firefox or IE. It is safer than IE and has tabbed browsing.
    Quote Originally Posted by jmill72x
    No, I've never heard of it. Thanks for the tip, I'll download it tonight and give it a spin.

    I'm still looking forward to IE 7. I may be the only one.
    So, has anyone else tried DE?
    I kinda like it.

    Also I went w/ ZA's Internet Suite.

    For some time now, I have been running Spyware Doctor, Spybot, & WinPatrol.
    So I will see how this goes.
    Thanks Again
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle
    Ok, It seems most are leaning to ZoneAlarm Pro.
    What about ZA's Internet Suite?;jsessionid=EZC7VogXhQ1h5gWcBRE1E9pMaDHf4js1ZLqp1WTSEs7DTsehLkf0!388531260!-1062696903!7551!7552!NONE?namespace=zls_catalog&origin=global.jsp&event=link.skuList&dc=12bms&ctry=U S&lang=en&lid=nav_db
    It's won just about every Editor's Choice award the last 2 or 3 years running so it must be good....not that I am likely to take those fluff mags seriously but when they all agree on something, they all can't be that far outta the park.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghiscott
    Just curious and wondering why the OP thinks that the slowness on his network is due to an "Internet Security" problem?

    Many PCs accumulate tons of cruft files on their hard drives, a result of normal operation, and a periodic clean-up can do wonders for rejuvinating performance. If local users have the ability to install things, they tend to do so. Local users often install weather-tool-bars or stock-price-tickers on their systems that slow down the operation of the machine as well as chew away at bandwidth.
    I could have started a new thread.
    But I thought I would just ask it here.
    What do u guys recommend for 'System Clean-up Utilties'?
    I look forward to replies.

    I am very happy w/ ZA's Inter-Suite.
    It found Lots of spy-cookies & a Trojan it labled High-Threat.
    Just call me Berd.
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