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    We will be attending a funeral today for the mother of one of my daughter's High School friends. She had lost her battle with cancer this past Saturday evening and leaves behind a husband, a 9th grade girl, and 2 younger boys. They are, both, an affluent and wonderful family and basically have the world at their doorstep. My prayers are with them and I am reminded to be thankful for my health, family and what I do have, sometimes in the daily rush -- I forget that.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Amen my friend.
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    thanks for the perspective adjustment, Perry.
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    My thoughts are with your friends Perry. I lost my mother to a vicious, malignant form of melanoma cancer last year. It was 6 months from the time she was dianosed until she lost her fight with it. Just the other day Dana Reeve, Christopher Reeve's widow lost her battle with lung cancer. She was just diagnosed last August and had never smoked a day in her life.

    If you have loved ones, make an effort to take care of your health. Routine medical screenings should not be brushed off. Men, if your over 40, make an effort to get to your doctor and get your prostate checked and continue to do so as often as needed. Also, 2 low dose asprins taken daily as well as an increase in vitamin D intake (1000IU's) are proven, low cost means of reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.
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    God Bless your friends, Perry.

    Learn from the past...Live now...plant seeds for the future...Lift up others.

    "People create success in their lives by focusing on today. It may sound trite, but today is the only time you have. It's too late for yesterday and you can't depend on tomorrow. That's why the only day that matters is today."

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    Very good points throughout this post.
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    Makes Silly Season seem real silly in comparison. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    My condolences, it definitely puts things in perspective.............

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