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    I have an addiction, I don't smoke, I only drink on special occasions, and I don't do any drugs of any kind, but I like phones. I wish there was some sort of support group for people like me. I carry two phones and always have, I have a 650 and a Samsung a950. Recently my girlfriend ordered a LG VX9800, I was so stoked cause I want this phone. It would be the best companion to my 650, I do somewhere in the ball park of 6000 text a month. I think I misunderstood something or I got overly excited, she had agreed to do an ESN swap with me for my a950. I think I got a little over zealous and I opened the phone and was all excited. I should have waited for her, and let her open the phone and play a bit. I feel really bad, cause I know how much she enjoys opening phones, I took away something from her, that excitment, that mini christmas. I really want her to know how sorry I am. I think that is why I started this thread, I am making a public apology to my girlfriend so she reads this at work, and sees how sorry I am, and I feel like I am part of a family here on Treocentral, maybe there are others on here that let their over zealousness and maybe hurt the one they loved. Thanks for listening everyone or reading for that matter. If anyone else has a story to share, I would enjoy reading it.

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    Amen. You don't know how many times my wife as put me on the couch because of my addiction with whatever phone I had at the moment. Treo's (2-600's, 3-650's, Sidekicks I-II (2), Ipaqs 6315 (2), SLVR, now the MDA. I have more phones than I do fingers and toes. I can't help it, I need new technology and gadgets and doo-hickeys. It doesn't even phase her every month it seems like I'm getting something else or giving her my "old" phone. My 6 year old has my old sidekick II that he plays with. Its ridiculous, the people here at work look at me crazy like "what do you have this month James"?...sure enough I show them my new toy. It is addicting...but I like it.
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    Usually while in vibrate mode.
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    Perry.....I hope you and Viking get your 700p's soon ....

    ....seems we need your PRR's. >
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    Not until I got the eGrips.
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    Well, if I keep it under my pillow like HappyPappy does.......
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    I rent girlfriends on an "as needed" basis, to avoid this nonsense. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    That image is just something I dont need,

    Insertion with a female monkey with a pink tutu dancing for his "rent a girlfriend" pleasure.

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    Just last week my wife informed that I have a problem. However, it is not what she thinks it is. She doesn't understand why I have my Treo with me nearly every waking hour, and she thinks that should be of concern.

    In all seriousness. It is not that I am addicted to my Treo. Else, I would not still be using the 600. Instead, I am addicted to convenience. And my Treo provides that satisfaction. Ergo, it is always with me.

    Interestingly, she never complains when I answer an obscure question in a matter of seconds as a result of locating the answer via, you guessed it, the ever-present Treo.
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    Thank you shopharim and bigbadwolf, I knew there had to be other people out there whose Techno-lust sometimes interferse in there average life. We kind of came to a descision regarding that 9800 that arrived yesterday. We both decided to send it back untill we can afford to buy one for each of us. We both at this point have the Treo which of course is my right arm. We both also carry a950's, I carry a second phone becuase I use so much data on my phone I would get more voicemail than actual calls would go through, and she has a a950 because of the V Cast Music. Its almost amusing to me how technology that is to make our lives easier or give us entertainment can cause so many problems. Oh well I wish anyone with Techno-Lust good luck and happy geek-ing
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    Let's see......started with a Palm V, then Palm VIIx, then Sony Clie T615, then HP Jornada, then the Sony NZ 90, then the Sony NX80, then another NZ90, then a Treo 600, then a HP 6315, then a Toshiba e800, then a Treo 650, then a Siemens SX66, then another Treo 650, then a QTek 9100, then an HP hw 6515, and now a Cingular 8125, all in a time span of about 5 years or so. Yeah my wife and friends think I am addicted but I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM!

    Seriously, my pda "hobby" is my only vice (if it can really be classified as such), so when my wife gets upset about tet another device, I kindly remind her of that.
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    sweet lord, jlczl, that is one helluva list!!!

    my wife has "informed" me of my addiction as well. but i'll tell ya, its very difficult to have a treo and NOT be addicted! the convenient, all-in-one zen factor of devices like this simply never gets old.
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    Wow guys, ive had my share of issues with my phone. I remember my gf complaining about its alarm goin off really loud. In addition, she complained about my phone pokin her when we were makin and it suddenly vibrated. LOL She freaked out to death, but anyway, she never made a big deal out of it. She said its ok., rather than girls ..(so lucky she never reads my messages or else she'd find out all the msgs from girls haha)and she knew im a techy guy and my other interest would only be gym, money-making, my g35 coupe and thats it

    But i guess we just need to use our treos responsibly. Theres a right time and place to use the phone.

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