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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Cat Sack Fever?
    i havent gotten some in a long time... but at least i practice safely, with my glove and all
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    Hi Dutch, You have a nice looking dog but your pet has look more entertaining in his pictures or funny looking like the ones nominated. didn't know, that's his tail
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    Put my dogs on the list....
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    Quote Originally Posted by dogmommy73
    Put my dogs on the list....
    the one on the it muzzled?

    and do you mind telling me what the breeds of those two?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    the one on the it muzzled?

    and do you mind telling me what the breeds of those two?

    Yes, the one on the right is muzzled, as she has quite an aggression issue-has sent us to the ER 3 times.

    They are Snap Rascal Terrors, uh, I mean, Jack Russell Terriers.
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    my little angel has had aggresion issues too. the muzzle is a great tool. Cute dogs!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big_OTR_Fan
    Ventnor1 should really get an honourable mention for such a cute puppy...
    Yeah, I saw that dog on the Carson Daly show. His name was Sam and he was a Chinese Crested Hairless. He died last year at 14 years old (so maybe he's been disqualified from the contest. Here's another great pic.

    Fans can buy Sam t-shirts and coffee mugs here.
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    Cute little guy...

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    My write in vote is for Dutch's dog.
    He is the ony pet that comes to my mind instantly.
    Since Insertions monkey is not really a pet...
    The cat pisses me off for some reason, I feel as if its mocking me...
    And I cant recall Treosixoo off the top of my head.

    Dutch is my winner.
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    Linus will be proud to have your vote
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