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    I'm going to take the family down to Florida during spring break at the end of March. Any great places to stop and see besides Disney and Universal as we already have that planned. My wifes into shopping so any particular malls to hit up down there? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Orlando/Melbourne area then Miami and the Keys the rest of the trip...

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    Aventura mall in Miami if you wanna go broke. Or hit up sawgrass mills if your in the mood to do alot of walking. Sawgrass would be about 3 hours south of orlando and aventura would be about 3 1/2 to 4 depending on driving and traffic.
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    Aventura Mall huh? Great thanks for the advice!
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    Sounds like a great trip! I lived in Miami for a few years so here is my $.02

    Bal Harbour offers the most high end shopping like Fendi, Tiffany, etc. 195 off of 95 in Northern Miami.
    Aventura is good too. SawGrass is more appropriate for the whole family- place is huge.

    You are going to want to hit SouthBeach on your way through. Lots of high end shopping here. Before you get out to the beach it can be fun to drive through some of the neighborhoods off of the Causway (395)- Star Island is definately worth the 5 minute drive through. Once on the beach parking is on Washington and 7th I believe or you can drive down to Lincoln Road which is an awesome place to take th family. Hiugh end shopping and a lot of cools unique stores the kids will like. Oceans 10 on Ocean Drive is a good place for a decent lunch poolside on the strip. (Ocean and 10th) Tides is a great place for outside lunch if you are looking more high end. (A little further down) Also right on Ocean Dr. Dinner on the beach is tough. A lot of places charge a lot for ordinary food dressed up a bit.
    Some of the best pizza anywhere can be found around here as well. On Washington and Collins below 10th street. My buddy owns the WingZone on Washington so if you are in a hurry stop there. The Wings are great.

    Coconut Grove is my favorite area down here. More mainstream eating and shopping. All open air, tons of bars/restaraunts. Monty's is a marine that is on the water in the grove. They have their own parking and an awesome happy hour. You can hang out under straw huts outside. Live Reggae, powerful drinks, great spicy fries and raw bar. Reasonable place to take the family. Friday afternoons seating can be extremely difficult.

    My reccomendation for the keys are to just head straight down to Key West. Others will disagree. Key West is fairly self explanitory. It is so small that you can see everything in a day or two. Great place.

    Have fun- wish I was going with you!
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    That's awesome thanks again. Spicy fries!!! It definitely sounds like fun in those areas, I will be heading down there to get away from reality!!!! Thanks!!!
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    Ok if you are coming to the Disney area, there are two malls that are very close to Disney and Universal and closer than altamonte Mall. the high end mall, very high end is the Millenia Mall which is very very clsoe to where you will be, The other large mall nearby is Florida mall and that is more mioddel of the prad pricing.,

    However, I assume from the tenor and tone of your posting that your wife is into heavy duty shopping. In that case, there is a HUGE outlet mall complex at I 4 & the florida tpk, which is in about 4 buildings, it is called BELZ outlet mall. . Much of this is y high end but much more resonable prices than Millenia mall.> However, the Millenia mall is more laike shopping on 5th ave in NYC, (where I am from) or Rodeo dr in B H.

    Try to stear clear of shopping in International drive, a/k/a I drive, way too pricy and touristy for what you are getting.

    PS check weather sites often, this has been a very starange winter here, the temps have cycled up and down all season. Two weeks ago, we had a killing frost and lows of 25.5 degrees, (i live less than 45 miles from Disney), 3 days later it was 85 degrees!!!
    If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I mentioned these malls in particular, in case the kids want to stay at Disney, (if they are old enough top do so alone), while your wife shops.

    there should be shuttle servie form almost every disney area hotel/motel to these malls. take care, jay
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    Mellinia and BELZ outlet mall. Perfect. Any thing else out there to see besides Disney or Universal? Sites???
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    Let me think on that one for a little while, for further ideads. In the meantime, here are a few ideas, you should think about if your kids want to swim with dolphins, which you must prearrange at SEAWORLD, which is also right there.

    There also are hot air balloon rides at
    Kennedy center is fantastic....I have been a number of times. since there will not be much going up in terms of the space shuttle, you can get a full tour. During flight times, you cannot get near Kennedy center due to security reasons. (In fact, you can get a better view on TV then you will see from how far they keep you from the center).

    When there is not a launch scheduled, the place is fascinating.

    If you or your family is intersted in botanic gardens there is cypress gardens, which is an older attraction, that closed and reopened recently. I was there years ago, so I do not know what it currently is like.

    There are package deals for soem of the lessor attractions that include, such things as:
    Splash Island Waterpark at Cypress Gardens Adventure Park, Ripley’s Believe it or not!
    Wonderworks, Titanic — the Experience, Fun Spot Action Park, Dolphin and Snorkeling Cruises, Mini Golf, Go Cart rides, Museums, Airboat rides, and More!

    More info on this is at:!4010&keyword=things+to+do+in+orlando+fl

    Also consider: Wet n wild, 6200 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819-8239 1 407 351 1800, +1 800 992 WILD -

    There also are a bunch of dinner theaters, such as one owned by dolly parton with a kind of horse and cowboy show, in an arena, while you eat dinner.

    There is a mystery dinner theater called sluthes.

    there also will be David Copperfield at The Bob carr theater in a few weeks, I will have to look up the date, I actually was asked from the audiance to be part of his show 2 years ago in Las vegas.

    there also will be these shows as well at the Bob Carr theater:
    Event Date Venue Tickets
    Celtic Woman March 29, 2006
    Wednesday Bob Carr Perf. Arts Center
    Orlando, FL View Tickets
    Mamma Mia May 26, 2006
    Friday Bob Carr Perf. Arts Center
    Orlando, FL

    The theater is part of a complex that also houses the Orlando Magic.

    There are two more theaters planned for the Orlando area in the next few years and also one in Lake county where I live, each will be between 1000 to 2000 seats. Let me know if you need more info. Take care, jay

    April is also the garden show at EPCOT, which is a must see if you are into gardening, (my degrees are in Horticulture, so I never miss them).
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    The wife and I spent a long weekend at Disney in Jan. If your looking for some good eats while there, try the "Sci-Fi Drive-In Theatre" at Disney MGM. Its pretty cool as your sitting in a building that on the inside looks like a drive-in theatre at night. The tables are cars and the "movie" your watching are old sci-fi B movie trailers from the 50' and 60's. Dont forget to get the kids a drink that has a flashing plastic ice cube that they get to keep.

    A bit more adult oriented is Le Celier Steak House at EPCOT Canada. Great steaks, a cheddar cheese soup to die for and some tasty Canadian beers.

    If your inclined to try the above, or any sit down restaurant at Disney, do yourself a favor and call their dinning "priority seating" line 407-939-3463. Get yourself on the list, and once you check in at the restaurant you get the next available table for that time frame. The sooner you call (you can schedule up to a year in advance) the better off you are in getting the time at the restaurant you want.
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    Thank you for the great suggestions! So many places so little time. God I can't wait to go down Florida and get away from this unpredictable Colorado weather. I'm definitely going to check out as many attractions as I can, and you did a great job of giving me places to see.
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    Hi, let us know how it turns out, take care, jay
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