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    From a neo-con himself: Francis Fukuyama
    Politically, Fukuyama has in the past been considered neoconservative. He was active in the Project for the New American Century think-tank starting in 1997, and signed the organization's letter recommending Bill Clinton overthrow the then President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein [1]; however, he did not approve of the 2003 invasion of Iraq as it was executed, and called for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation as Secretary of Defense [2]. In an essay in the New York Times Magazine in 2006 that was strongly critical of the invasion [3], he wrote, "Neoconservatism, as both a political symbol and a body of thought, has evolved into something I can no longer support.".

    In August 2005 Fukuyama, together with a number of other prominant political thinkers, co-founded The American Interest [4], a quarterly magazine devoted to the broad theme of "America in the World".

    Dr. Fukuyama was a member of the President's Council on Bioethics from 2001-2005.

    Dr. Fukuyama is on the steering committee for the Scooter Libby Legal Defense Trust [5].

    That article is worth reading ...
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    Interesting read. Very telling that bush & co. are alienating neocons.
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    Isn't this the same schmoe that wrote "The End of History?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911sforever
    Isn't this the same schmoe that wrote "The End of History?"
    Yeah. Neocon New American Century think-tank guy... he's a Post-Neocon now. Wanna join him?
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