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    Just thought people might like to know, If you look closely at the E-Bay commercial that has the house that falls apart there is a Mint Colored Visor next to the computer. I just thought it was kinda cool.
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    My processing power is contributed to
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    By Mint I meant Green
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    I was impressed to see Leo Laporte show and discuss several springboard modules (as well as a Visor or two) on his show shot directly from CES. It was either CALL FOR HELP, or FRESH GEAR, as he helped with both shows while there.

    OK, so I'm a TechTV geek.

    There is nothing yet made by man that cannot be improved upon.
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    I haven't been watching TechTV so much since they were ZDTV. I don't think the shows changed much, but they do have a different "air" to them. Also, about their website, pleasant color and all, but a pain to get around. Now we return to your regularly scheduled thread.

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