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    OK. This started out simply as a forum site, but I'm not exactly sure where to go with it. I've started by posting somewhat interesting articles from a variety of subjects. Cool or not cool?

    Would a mobile magazine site be cool? I'm thinking of incorporating the wapswap information here as well. Kind of a one stop shop for anything and everything.

    What kind of stuff would be helpful? I'm already playing around with an online rss reader and a portal for mobile sites.

    I will probably also have a shoutcast listing as well.

    Another thing that I am playing around with is having a mobile download section for freeware prc's.

    Basically, it can be anything at all. I just kind of plink around with all of the stuff that I find myself looking for.
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    I say it is a job well done. Thanks I have added your site to my treo 650. Take care and good work, Jay
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    I think that we've decided to keep it predominantly gadget-based. Watch for some new stuff though, I've got some ideas. The goal is to keep it all mobile friendly.

    Of course, it is a work in progress, so we will never turn down any suggestions, though...
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    Very nice and clean.
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