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    June is typically when people start looking to sell their homes.

    We used Zip Realty to keep tabs on home for sale in our old neighborhood and the final selling prices. We also used Zip Realty to shop for our new home as well. We did use a traditional real estate agent that I found through and we received 2 rebate checks for a nice chunk o' change when sold and bought through our "" realtor. is a sort of Kelly Blue Book for homes. It lets users type in an address and see specs on the home--its valuation, the date and purchase price of the last sale, and data on comparable homes. The service is free. The site offers valuations on more than 40 million homes in the United States, with some data on an additional 20 million homes, said. There are an estimated 85 million single-family homes in the country, said Spencer Raskoff,'s chief financial officer and vice president of marketing.

    The ad-supported site also offers historical value changes for homes in chart form; historical value changes for homes as compared with the surrounding ZIP code, city, state or country; all comparable home sales in an area; and satellite, aerial and parcel views of homes.

    Users can also create confidential personal worksheets on individual homes and use a tool that lets them refine the value of a home based on changes or additions to that home, such as a kitchen remodel. The tool calculates the remodel value for the area based on local remodel data and depreciation.

    The site does not require users to enter any personal information and promises that no one will contact the user.

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