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    As a developer and regular user at PalmGear, I've noticed some major problems at their site recently. Oftentimes, typing in takes forever and even results in an error message by itself. Any search takes forever, then again, errors left and right. Worse, many of the files I KNOW exist there (because I posted the files!) are unsearchable! Has anyone else encountered this? I'm wondering if they're having major server problems or something. I'm getting to a point where I don't feel comfortable recommending them anymore.
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    Man needs to clean up their act fast!! I am seriously thinking of going to another site...all this hiccup is getting ridiculous...they are more down than up..or so it seems!!
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    The Palm OS is becoming serious business in the consumer market. (Palm's latest foray, "Audrey", should attest to that, whatever level of success it achieves.) As much as I love PalmGear it's starting to look amateurish these days, despite the 7700+ software titles (many of which are just stupid "keep track of your crap" types lately).

    For starters, PalmGear boasts servers that serve errors as often as not, and a GUI designed by someone that seems to have been more interested in page views than actually getting us to where we know we want to go (Why can't I decide BEFORE the search whether I want to look only for apps, FAQ's, News items or Developers?) I mean, Really! How dot-com! Hey, you with the millions of dollars! This niche is ripe for the picking, especially as the Palm OS continues to gain in popularity.

    As a group of people they seem to be a great bunch. Bought a lot of software from them, etc., and never a problem. But the way they merchandise their wares has GOT to go.

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    According to Netcraft, PalmGear is running on a Windows 2000 server (presumably with IIS), which hasn't proven itself IMHO for the kind of load capacities PalmGear has to deal with. I noticed the same problem with Hotmail: when the service slowed down continually last year, I queried Netcraft, and sure enough, Microsoft migrated Hotmail from a BSD/Apache server to Win2K/IIS. PalmGear should consider Apache with Linux or Unix -- any Unix.
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    Glad to know I'm not the only one teed off by this...
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    Originally posted by VancouverCanuck
    (Palm's latest foray, "Audrey", should attest to that, whatever level of success it achieves.)

    actually, that was 3COM....they just used the PalmOS for the device.

    and i agree with's pretty annoying somedays!

    I usually do a run through 3 sites everyday to look at new postings..


    those 3 usually list everything that's new out there daily.
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    I seriously doubt that Palmgear's probs are caused by running Win2k server. My guess is it is slow/old servers rather than the software. See visorcentral's recent server upgrade. What a difference more RAM and/or faster servers can make.
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    Originally posted by Hoser_in_USA
    Originally posted by VancouverCanuck
    (Palm's latest foray, "Audrey", should attest to that, whatever level of success it achieves.)

    actually, that was 3COM....they just used the PalmOS for the device.
    Argh...Of course, you're right. I don't believe that messes up my argument, though...
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    I'm still partial to Eurocool. If I can't get it there then I go to PalmGear, Handango, or Palmspot. I've had problems with PalmGear that I attributed to running IE 3.0, but I'm still having them with my Mac running IE 5.0. It's to the point where I'd rather try and hunt down the developer using google than search for the app at PalmGear.
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    I used to check Palmgear website everyday when I purchased my visor a year ago. Now, I barely check it once a week because it is so slooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
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    I tried to order a springboard module a few days ago and every time I clicked to proceed to checkout I received an error message. E-mailed Palmgear and received the following reply:

    "Thank you for bringing this error to our attention. Due to a very large increase in traffic over the last few months, we are currently upgrading the site's servers and connectivity. We are also preparing to implement a more
    user-friendly interface design.

    We would like to make these improvements without any glitches in service, but at times that is just not possible. If you get the error again, please be patient while the corrections are updated to our servers. You may also try refreshing your browser.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for visiting our site. Our goal is to make a more pleasant and functional on-line experience for our customers.

    I will also forward to our web team to investigate.

    If you are trying to place an order please either reply with your phone number and we can call you (U.S. Residents only please) or you may call us at 800.741.9070. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and are working as fast as we can to correct the error."
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    Why don't they indicate this directly on their Website, then? Not everyone checks VisorCentral, the newsgroups, etc.

    Slightly off-topic, I would've thought they would have anticipated a prolonged surge in traffic after Christmastime, and tried to meet the resultant server needs months ago....
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    I've ALWAYS had problems with PalmGear's site...I don't think it is anything new.

    In addition to the server problems, the interface is terrible. Ugh.

    Palmspot is nice. I like the interface. They don't have nearly the same amount of software, though.

    Handango has been my recent favorite.

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    Thanks for all the responses, everyone. I'm glad to know it isn't just me and my (DSL) connection, although I'm also saddened that one of my favorite sites for quick downloads is suffering so badly.

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