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    Interestingly, this first paragraph is in the printed edition of the paper, but missing from the online version:

    Canadian voters, saying they were fed up with financial scandals and ready for a change, ended the 12-year run of the ruling Liberal party on Monday, ousting Prime Minister Paul Martin in favor of a Conservative party likely to steer a path closer to the United States.
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    Like canada is a real country anyway..
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Like canada is a real country anyway..
    Come to think of it, other than hockey, beer, oil and gas (out pacing Middle East suppliers...), beer, fresh water, forestry, donuts, beer, singers, hosers, movie actors/actresses, comedians, beer, hockey, did I mention beer, North West Passage, etc, you're right... where is Canada anyway?

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    If I've moved to the right, it could only be due to tektonic shift. Besides, the Canadian right seems to be a tad farther left than the American left.

    As for beer, I'll never forget the night a few years ago when I was in this wonderful English Pub in this rural village just outside of London. All those kegs of different, new types of beer to choose from, hung up there right on the wall before me, I just didn't know where to begin. Canadian microbreweries are fantastic, but this was a whole new experience just waiting to be ... well ... tapped.

    Then, a group of American tourists walk in, sit down and immediately order a round of "Bud Lite".

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