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    So who do you think is going to win?

    Go Titans!
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    uh oh...i have a feeling this topic might get pretty large....

    So i'll start by saying: "The Titans will LOSE to the Ravens this weekend!"

    Go RAVENS!
    (I was at the game this! that's the loudest sporting event i've ever been too!!! (and i went to Lou Holtz's last game at ND!)
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    Vikings... finally?!?
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    Well, I can tell you who won't win: the Saints. If they do, everyone better start praying, because I think that's one of the seven seals that signals the Apocalypse.
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    The New York Football Giants

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    Hi All,
    I'm a local fan ( Clarksville, TN.) of the Titans.
    Go Titans!!!

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    Well, I'm really more of a Baseball man. But, I am originally from Memphis. So, I have to root for whoever's playing the Titans......
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    What? They aren't in it? What? They will have their 4th coach in little over a year?

    Who cares!!!!!!

    Stop twisting my arm. OUCH. OUCH. OUCH.

    Okay. Geez.

    Whom ever wins the Giant/Eagle game wins it all.

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    Born and bred in the Big Easy...gotta root for the Saints! I don't hold out much hope for them over the long haul this year, but if they stay healthy next year LOOK OUT.
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    Well, both Tampa Bay and Indy are out of the running now, so it's hard to know whom to cheer for... I was born in Nashville and so I'll be rooting for the Titans. But you have to like the Giants too -- their brand of old-school hard-running football is just great. (And Ron Dayne is a great guy, too.)

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    RAVENS!!!!! RAVENS!!!!! RAVENS!!!!! RAVENS!!!!! RAVENS!!!!!

    Being born in Bal'mer (that's Baltimore for those of you not lucky enough to live there!!) and lucky enough to have the Baltimore Colts summer camp in my home town (Westminster), I've always been a Bal'mer fan. Now that the Ravens are here (and still using Western Maryland College in Westminster for summer camp), I have someone to cheer for again.

    When the Ravens beat the Titans this weekend, they are going to be unstoppable!!!
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    Who's playing, anyway?
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    Originally posted by thatch
    Who's playing, anyway?
    This weekend is the 2nd round of playoffs, so it's still up in the air. Going from memory, here are the matchups (the teams I'm for have an *)

    Ravens at Titans*
    Eagles at Giants*
    Saints* at Vikings
    Dolphins* at Raiders

    I Don't remember the exact times they're playing.
    James Hromadka, TreoCentral Editor
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    Here's the schedule for those interested. Sorry, you'll have to check your TV Guide for television coverage.


    Saints @ Vikings

    Dolphins @ Raiders

    SUNDAY, JAN. 7

    Ravens @ Titans

    Eagles @ Giants

    All times ET, p.m.
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice...
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    The niners felt it would be 'sporting' to let someone else win it for a change.
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    Well, my team is out (Denver), so I think I can be objective now. The AFC seems to me to be the stronger conference this year, and I think the Titans/Ravens winner will take it all. The Ravens have an incredibly nasty "D", but I'm not sure their "O" is strong enough to go all the way. The Titans are pretty tough all around. Then again, with a few breaks, the Raiders could make it with their powerhouse offense. Miami, sorry, but I think this weekend is the end of the line.

    I don't follow the NFC teams as closely, but the Giants seem to be the obvious frontrunner. The Eagles have been surprisingly successful, but I don't think they have the depth to go all the way.

    This weekend will tell a lot, but my current prediction for Super Sunday is

    Titans 38
    Giants 14
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    Manchester United.

    Ooops! Sorry. Wrong kind of football.
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    Gots to be the NFC Central. Baddest bunch in the whole country. Go Vikings
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    Sigh. Seems anyone with a first name of Al is out of luck this year.
    James Hromadka, TreoCentral Editor
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    Sorry folks, I do believe the time for the Oakland Raiders to take back the trophy has arrived!!!

    Nothing like kicking back at the Parkway Theater in Oakland, eating pizza, drinking beer (root beer for me, tho') and watching the Raiders kick the pants off of Miami!!!

    And oh, what's this? We get to rest and wait for Baltimore to come visit us next weekend?? Woo hoo!! RAIDER NATION!!!
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