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    I have a Video capture card, and when I get movie clips on my computer the program I use records them as an AVI. Now what I need is some application that will transform these files into .mov files. I would like it to be freeware, but if I have to pay I would be willing to. I have already searched to and asked friends with no luck. So if you have any idea what proggram I would need please tell me. Thanks.
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    Quicktime is the only software I know that creates .mov files. It is expensive also last I checked.
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    Yeah I know...I want them to run on Quicktime, but i'm pretty sure there are programs that will change it to .mov files....
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    I have had a capture board for a few years. I've never been able to find a practical mov converter. I use Real Encoder mostly to encode Discovery Channel Shows, and even 4 episodes of the cancelled (to be coming back in Spring '01 on PBS!) American High. This format is pretty good for me. There is of course the WMA format for Windows which I have not tried too much. I will start experimenting with it when I get a new computer hopefully, along with MPG. My 233MHz just won't cut it unfortunately.

    Good Luck!
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    Quicktime Pro is only $20 - $30; thats expensive? A .mov file is a Quicktime file, but there are a variety of codecs that you use to compress the movie (that come with QT). Cinepak is probably the closest in quality to an AVI, but there are some much better ones for internet/cd sharing, such as Sorenson.

    Why do you have to convert it into a QT file? QT plays AVI files just fine.
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    Like I said, last time I checked, which was admittedly quite a long time ago.
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    I want to change it due to size, an avi of 20 seconds is about 7 mbs and with mov it is 1-2 mb. AT least that is what I was told.
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    It depends which codec you use, but yes you should be able to make the files much smaller. You just have to play around with the settings to get a good quality/size balance.
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    I had problems converting the other way (from .mov to . avi) and ended up getting QuickTimePro. It's $29.99 & to me it's worth the money. But before you buy QTP, you might want to try Trmoov. It's a free soft that converts .mov into .avi or vice versa. It didn't work with TealMovie encoding soft. Also VirtualDub(free) may help with changing size of files etc.
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    You hould try the DivX codec (available at ). It's an MPEG-4 codec, and you can use it to compress a WHOLE LOT BETTER than regular CINEPAK or Indeo. If you want pointers on using VirtualDub ( the essential piece of video software, and freeware too) to encode Divx/MS Mpeg-4 I can give you pointers. My e-mail address is I managed to get a 320x240 video down to 700KB/min and still have it look reasonable.
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    Wow thanks for allt he help, I appreciate it.
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    Just a note- You can't play a Divx movie with QT, so don't bother to get QT pro if you decide to go the Divx route.
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    Sorry, I forgot one last note:

    VirtualDub can encode directly to Mpeg-4 if you have a high-end card and a fast processor. DivX is a hair slower than M$ Mpeg-4 in realtime encoding, but both are 50+ times faster than CINEPAK. The big draw for this method is that all the tools and codecs are free.

    And I'm not joking about the size. I've got a demo up at that is ~300K in size. It's twenty-odd seconds long. I captured in MJPEG (it's all the card does) and then used VDub to re-encode it using DivX.

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